BBQ set
name BBQ set
charge ¥1.000
description Outdoor BBQ set complete set
Charcoal, ignition agent and fire tongs, stove, baked meat plate (中)-for Seafood Grill, etc.
billing unit 1, 1 Time
Tabletop stove & soil pot or plate (small)
name Tabletop stove & soil pot or plate (small)
charge 500 Yen
description Another ingredients, can be grilled or pan indoors.
Please challenge the Ishikari pans come with authentic Okhotsk ingredients and Genghis Khan.
billing unit 1 Bottle / 1 times
For the barbecue plate (large)
name For the barbecue plate (large)
charge 500 Yen
description 45 Cm height is 70 cm wide outdoor for BBQ plate.
billing unit 1 Times / 1 day
Fishing rod
name Fishing rod
charge 1.0 ¥
description For salmon fishing rods will rent in the three-point set of reels and rods make 1000 yen.
For salmon fishing rods, set of 5 reels and rods stand gimmicks and bait will rent at 2000 yen.
billing unit 1 Set /1.000 yen
Sleeping bag
name Sleeping bag
charge ¥1.000
description And Coleman sleeping bag with Pillow, sleeping bag and mat.
billing unit One night / one set
1 person tent:
name 1 person tent:
charge 800 yen
description Easily assembled
billing unit Overnight: 800 yen
  • check in:From 15:00 To 21:00
  • check out:To AM 9:00
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