About sales in fiscal 2019

This year's campsite is open from 4/26 to 10/14.
With the revision of the Fire Service Act of April 2019, the guest house and the rider house have been closed and are currently being renovated. Therefore, please note that you can not use the hot spring.

Every year, late April through until the end of October
Helper I'm.
Helper (1)Guest HouseHelperHelper (3)Helper (5)

 Why don't you help the Klione campsite in the world's natural heritage and the rich natural environment of Shiretoko (^ o ^)!

You can interact with campers and do sightseeing such as driving and touring. You can also learn about nature and experience farming.

■ Contents of help ■
* From 9 am, cleaning, laundry, linen (2-3 hours) Afternoon by staff substitution and field work in the afternoon. In the summertime, we help the hot pot party from the evening.
※ When you want a break, you decide in consultation with the manager.
※ We do not go for "homemade experience menu" or "let's play little bit" for camping site which made university students-40s the main at all.

■ period ■
● Those who can do at least 2 weeks between late April and October 31.

■ Condition ■

※ It is recruitment of helpers and borabyte of housing included. (Not a part-time job or recruiting employees.
● Accommodation facilities (private rooms or shared rooms or tents or campers) · free utility costs
● Unlimited hot spring
● with food
● There is allowance of one day / 4.000 yen to 5.000 yen (period consultation)

※ The recruitment of "girls" is a healthy person who can cope with the customer in standard language.
※ The recruitment of "boys" is a 30-year-old niece, who has experience with artisans (carpenters, bricks, blocks, plants, paints, etc.) who can speak English even in a single word.

※ There will be backpackers from Europe (3% of bookings), mainly German and French, so foreigners who can speak English and Japanese are welcome.

※ This kind of person is impossible of helpers of the Klione Campground r (≧ ω * *) Sumaso → I can not say hello from myself · I can not reply · I can not communicate with the same sex · I can not tidy・ If you can not eat meat, fish or white rice . . . If you turn the back "· · · ٩ (๑` ^ ๑) ۶ "← Because there is no such person, you can live without worrying about human relationships. (There are no employees, so there is no bureau.)

● Religious persons, Left wing activists, drug users, vegan strictly refuse m (_ _) m

※ Come to play as a customer, "from look at what the atmosphere or how" helper hope is also OK at all. Please speak to the master of short hair with glasses (# `))) y- ゚ メ ガ ネ.
Applications will be received from Kurion Campsite TEL0152-23-5108 at 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
フィードバックを送信 履歴 保存済み コミュニティ

  • check in:From 15:00 To 21:00
  • check out:To AM 9:00
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