For the fiscal year 2017 sales.

4/26-10/31 year, open seven days a week. Some Rider House only opened from the 6/1.

Features of clione campsites
MountainFrom the observation deckGateMap

Will clione campground, located in the root of the world natural heritage Shiretoko peninsula and Mt. Shari spectacular and vast front is a peaceful place surrounded by vineyards is a private campground.
Flowing natural vegetable Mall Onsen hot spring facility, guests can relax on the private (private bath).
Campers 20-somethings from the Japan national and international-family in their 40s, rider and bike, backpacker, such as more committed about 5 percent more than in the solo for the "children's organizations and retired campers", accept.
Hobby-know each other travellers and also different nationalities, please feel free to say hello to, joint barbecue and drinks, to share information on other not unique "adult" is camping.

Clione camping place Rider House clione YouTube

Video was uploaded on YouTube.

Hokkaido Ryder hauskrione 2013

Known flooring is clione campsite 2014 summer! Ryder House night!

Shiretoko-Shari clione camp Hall Rider House 2016 summer night

About the Ryder House clione age limit
In Japan around inIn Japan around in

Rider House in the province had its heyday about 300 went out of business over the years and, we do not open only about 50. There are no riders also come by car or on foot (not the rider) during its stay, the impersonation Rider House.
2013, over the Ryder House surviving in our clione, over 50 years of age ", was Ms. Dah" of Rider House restricted to. Officials and will be carried out for the time being recorded record sales, has been pointed out, who does not come from regular customers, reduced sales and reverse the younger Word spread.
m (_ _) m

Every year, late April through until the end of October
Helper I'm.
Helper (1)Guest HouseHelperHelper (3)Helper (5)

In the natural environment of Shiretoko world natural heritage, does not assist with clione campground (^ o ^)!

You can drive and touring, sightseeing and campers and interact. Also, you can learn about our natural and agricultural experience.

♦ assist content ♦
* Morning 9 o'clock cleaning, laundry and linen (2-3 hours) afternoon staff change in voice and field work. Summer evening from a pot party.
* When you want a break, consult with the administrator, decided at the Summit will.
* College students-40 years of age the main campground, hand-crafted experience menu and "Chibi was to play", is none at all, no.

♦ time ♦
-April-10/31 year, I can at least two weeks or more.

♦ terms ♦

* Live-in helper MS is braving recruitment. (Part-time and employees ' recruitment is not.
-Accommodation (private or shared room or tent or camper) and utilities free
-Springs with unlimited
-1 /4.000 ~5.000 ¥ allowance available (period upon request)

* Recruitment of "women 's" is standard language with our customers for healthy people.
* Until the teen in "men 's" call for a 30-year-old, experience with craftsman series can also speak English (carpenters, brick, block, plants, paint, etc.).

* Germany and France who mainly Europe welcomes the working holiday backpackers from (book 3 split), so can speak English, Japan, (Working Holiday).

* Clione campsite helper wonder is this r (≥ ω ≤ *) SMS-no greeting from me-does not reply, communications cannot be taken and the same-sex-Mayuri-insects and animals and smoke difficulties and for unbalanced "not eat meat, fish and rice". Return to behind the scenes... ٩ (a ' ^ ́๑) ۶ ← can live without worrying about such people, since human relationships. (Since employees are escorted by an Entourage also does not exist)

-Religious officials and left-wing activists and drug users, etc. strictly prohibited m (_ _) m

* Come into play as guest "try any atmosphere or scene from helper hope all is OK. Short hair glasses called master (# ' [be) y-° ° ° on the voice.
Applicants to clione camp at TEL0152-23-5108-AM 8-PM9 p.m. reception come down will.

  • check in:From 15:00 To 21:00
  • check out:To AM 9:00
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